Beyond Being Beautifull


Hey, Guys

Let’s begin by stating: Beauty has no gender. Fitness has no gender. Our services have no gender.

It is a huge misconception that men should not understand or be interested in beauty care and general well-being that we offer. On opposite, men should be more aware and explore the diversity of our services that we provide in order stay fit, look your best, and be happier and confident while concurring the rest of the world. 


Stellar Fitness Spa is renowned for providing the most effective skin care and body care treatments performed by healthcare professionals and aestheticians for men of all ages.

We know your problems and understand your concerns. Therefore, we have designed special packages for you to meet your individual needs. 

Whether you are looking to be fit and slim, or worried about forehead lines and wrinkles, noise spider veins, double chin, dull complexion, or just saggy skin --- we are here for you offering the best possible solution to make your skin look healthy and you to have a BEACHBODY. 

With a little of our help we can make to disappear or reduce unwanted fat from your waist area, stomach, upper back, arms and chin. We will contour and tone stubborn areas, smooths wrinkles, firm skin and will give you the sexiest look ever. 


Be adventurous and challenge your body to perfection! 

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Lipo Laser Fat Reduction

Ultrasonic Cavitation 

V-Shape III Cellulite Reduction

Body Molding Massage

Swedish Massage

CIT Microneedling Treatment

HIFU Facial and Body Toning

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

                                  and much more ...